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Jacko holding the 88 Wheel Co 80mm Maverick Downhill Longboard Wheels

Quality Of Today With The Dopeness Of The 80s

At 88 Wheel Co, we make the highest quality urethane longboard wheels today – with fewer defects and bubbles, and less chance of chunking than anything else on the market. After years of working with our parent company Boa Wheels, we perfected the art. Once you feel the effects of our advanced manufacturing technology on the road, we know you’ll agree.

Get the smoothest and fastest ride with our durable wheels, while going back to the most rad time in history. We source our inspiration from the music, movies, and vibe of the 1980s, culminating in products that just make you wanna dance, skate, and smile through life.

We named our company 88 Wheel Co for good luck, as 88 in Chinese is a symbol of good fortune. While our name may mean luck, we don’t leave anything to chance, extensively testing every product with a team of skilled riders so that customers get the best skate experience, and love their time spent riding as much as we do.

See you on the road. -88 Wheel Co

The Mcfly is the biggest paradigm shift in wheel tech I’ve experienced at once. Even at the same duro of other wheels, the McFly will absorb cracks and bumps that would be almost unridable. Despite this, they roll as fast as other high duro wheels in testing. But the sensation of silence and smoothness is something you’ve never experienced I promise. If that isn’t enough to push you over the edge, they slide better than any other 85mm wheel, and they don’t chunk. You can seriously cut a giant slice in them with a sharp object, and it won’t chunk off still. They’re insanely durable.


I tried my friend’s set and damn. The value for money alone is worth it, let alone how good these things are. Gushy and predictable, nice thane lines, and lots of thane to work though. Absolutely one of the best wheels for modern directional-setup freeriding. I will certainly be riding these more once the snow melts.


Mcflys provide tons of cushion for the pushin! I have fully switched to mcflys on all of my distance push setups- they are PLUSH (can’t say this enough)! I find them to carry momentum extremely well- especially over rough terrain. My lap times have improved as well. Truly a comfortable LDP wheel. They are also durable and it seems that chunking is NOT an issue, at all. After skating these, it’s hard to go skate any others!