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65mm Mooonwalker Freeride/Dance Longboard Wheels


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These Mooonwalkers are bad, and they know it. Come on! Featuring a 65mm diameter, an ultra-durable core and high rebound, 78a stone ground urethane, the Mooonwalkers are a premium wheel for longboard dance and also serve as a comfortable, great sliding cruiser and freeride wheel. The Mooonwalkers will feel right at home on just about any playful setup, being lightweight, fast, and smooth sliding. And this deserves to be repeated – the core and profile of these wheels will take a beating! If you really want to make the world a better place, strap on a set of Mooonwalkers and show everybody who’s bad.

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65mm Mooonwalker Wheels

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78A High Rebound


88 Wheel Company

3 reviews for 65mm Mooonwalker Freeride/Dance Longboard Wheels

  1. A C (verified owner)

    Fantastic wheels for freeride and slides! The center set cores make it very easy to pop slides and the thane is icy once you lose traction while still griping back nicely when it’s time to roll away. They feel lighter than similar wheels which makes freestyle tricks easier on bigger longboards. Highly recommend!

  2. T Hako (verified owner)

    These wheels are magical. They have a nice icey, smooth slide with a really forgiving and predictable edge grip, it was very confidence inspiring to just lean into stand up slides. you’ll need to put more weight on the board with hands down riding if you don’t want to ice out. I’ve tried these on slalom rogues and 130mm gen 6 bear trucks with home made 95a venom inserts and the feeling was pretty consistent between the two sets. the urethane is also very durable even though they thane a little if you’re on the heavier side. My only gripes are that they don’t come in a 70mm size and don’t come with apple car play as standard, 88 should do something about that, it’s 2023 ;). Otherwise, they’re brilliant wheels

  3. Sima

    Super fun and slippery, I really enjoyed my time on them. Grate for learning and progressing in stand up slides. Durability is ok, only downside is that they don’t come in 70mm.

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