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86mm McFly LDP, Distance Pushing Longboard Wheels


(11 customer reviews)

The McFly is large and in charge! Smooth and on the move! Fast and built to last! With its 86mm diameter and 76a soft, high rebound urethane, the McFly is an ideal wheel for drop through cruisers and distance boards, supplying superior rolling speed and plushness that will have riders feeling one with the road. These wheels feature an offset core and thick lips with a small radiused edge, smoothing out slide characteristics compared to similarly sized wheels, for the ultimate commuting and cruising experience. Roll over everything in your path! This special formula is resistant to chunking and virtually bubble free.

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86mm McFly Wheels

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Weight 1.041 kg






Contact Patch


Core Material


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76A High Rebound


88 Wheel Company

11 reviews for 86mm McFly LDP, Distance Pushing Longboard Wheels

  1. Adam Ornelles

    The Mcfly is the biggest paradigm shift in wheel tech I’ve experienced at once. Even at the same duro of other wheels, the McFly will absorb cracks and bumps that would be almost unridable. Despite this, they roll as fast as other high duro wheels in testing. But the sensation of silence and smoothness is something you’ve never experienced I promise. If that isn’t enough to push you over the edge, they slide better than any other 85mm wheel, and they don’t chunk. You can seriously cut a giant slice in them with a sharp object, and it won’t chunk off still. They’re insanely durable.

  2. Gavin (verified owner)

    Mcflys provide tons of cushion for the pushin! I have fully switched to mcflys on all of my distance push setups- they are PLUSH (can’t say this enough)! I find them to carry momentum extremely well- especially over rough terrain. My lap times have improved as well. Truly a comfortable LDP wheel. They are also durable and it seems that chunking is NOT an issue, at all. After skating these, it’s hard to go skate any others!

  3. James

    I picked up the McFlys after hearing about them from content creators I follow and trust. I heard the McFlys were high rebound fast rolling wheels that could soak up a lot of road vibration. Soft, yet fast. The McFlys were also showing themselves to be durable and resistant to chunking. When Pantheon brought these out as their choice for completes, I knew I needed to try a set. I was looking to replace a set of Caguamas I had lost, and went for it. I am glad I did… although I loved my Cags, the McFlys are next level. They roll beautifully and smoothly over good surfaces and are untroubled when the road turns rough. I have not had them long enough to comment on long-term durability, but I can say I have had them on some bad surfaces already, and they remain undamaged by the road debris I encountered . One of my goto YouTube channels, Longboarding Explained, captured the feeling well in his review when he said the wheels “… make you arrogant…” as you blast over whatever you like, shouldering pebbles and sticks aside. Great work 88 Wheel Co!

  4. Ari W

    I normally ride speed vents but when I saw that the McFlys were chunk resistant I wanted to try them. I always chunk my speed vents and it annoys me because I have set-up madness. So far no chunks out of the McFlys despite plenty of abuse. They’re slightly slower than speed vents, but definitely quieter, plusher, and smoother. I very much enjoy the ride of my McFlys and these are my new go-to wheels. I highly recommend you give them a try.

  5. Dennis Charolle (verified owner)

    Best wheels I’ve used on my Loaded Icarus I push for about 10-15 miles on various asphalt and have been through a bunch of wheels. Orange, Cults, etc and nothing comes close to the comfort, smoothness and shock absorption like these beauties. My back is a lot happier too as I don’t feel every stick and pebble like before.

  6. James D (verified owner)

    I heartily agree with the durability and comfort claims for this wheel, but I think its rolling resistance defeats the performance gains that a narrow contact patch and light weight design would offer (at least on paper). I really wanted to love these wheels, but my leg muscles (and gravity) don’t lie. If you have a setup that requires a narrow wheel, then these are the ticket, otherwise Boa Hatchlings deliver similar comfort and durability, but at much higher performance.

  7. Matt (verified owner)

    Amazing wheels. I’ve always used otangs or peraltas till these…

  8. Martin (verified owner)

    Got these for my Pranayama and I am very happy with them.
    they ride very smooth while being able to keep speed well
    they feel rather easy to get going from a full stop in comparison to other wheels in same size
    grip is good enough
    they also seem to be very durable dunno what magic they have in this urethane
    definetly recommended!

  9. Reno (verified owner)

    These wheels are amazingly plush, amazingly fast and all of that without being ugly or sluggish. It’s worth every cent fr

  10. Kim

    These wheels are so nice! I got them back in the end of September because I was getting into using my longboard for commuting and exercise, and after reading up on them, I felt these were the wheels to go for in terms of in town commuting and I am so glad to have not been wrong!
    When they say these wheels are plush and don’t chunk, they aren’t wrong. I live in an area where the streets and sidewalks vary in quality. The city recently started repaving the roads, so it’s been getting really nice and I have a route that is super smooth. But then there are the roads or sidewalks that haven’t been worked on and they are cracked and a bit pot-holey, and these wheels handle it all.

  11. Luc (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of my McFlys! Their narrow contact patch makes them super easy to get going fast quickly on my pusher (pranayama), and their diameter makes them ideal for maintaining momentum. Plus, their durometer hits the sweet spot for chewing up cracks and obstacles in the pavement so I can keep rolling!

    They’re well worth the investment

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