86mm McFly LDP, Distance Pushing Longboard Wheels


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The McFly is large and in charge! Smooth and on the move! Fast and built to last! With its 86mm diameter and 76a soft, high rebound urethane, the McFly is an ideal wheel for drop through cruisers and distance boards, supplying superior rolling speed and plushness that will have riders feeling one with the road. These wheels feature an offset core and thick lips with a small radiused edge, smoothing out slide characteristics compared to similarly sized wheels, for the ultimate commuting and cruising experience. Roll over everything in your path! This special formula is resistant to chunking and virtually bubble free.

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Reinforced core for extra grab

Rounded lips

Precision bearing seat

Tapered and chamfered backside

76A Plush Distance Formula

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Weight 1.041 kg





88 Wheel Company

1 review for 86mm McFly LDP, Distance Pushing Longboard Wheels

  1. Adam Ornelles

    The Mcfly is the biggest paradigm shift in wheel tech I’ve experienced at once. Even at the same duro of other wheels, the McFly will absorb cracks and bumps that would be almost unridable. Despite this, they roll as fast as other high duro wheels in testing. But the sensation of silence and smoothness is something you’ve never experienced I promise. If that isn’t enough to push you over the edge, they slide better than any other 85mm wheel, and they don’t chunk. You can seriously cut a giant slice in them with a sharp object, and it won’t chunk off still. They’re insanely durable.

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